Cybercrime has gone mainstream. Now more than ever, your employees are the weakest link in your security. Phishing, spear phishing, spam and social engineering of all kinds inundate your business daily, attempting to spread ransomware, steal passwords and more.

ThreatPrepare™ is an interactive learning management system that simplifies and automates network security training. It provides education, insights and tests to coach your team members on how to identify and prevent security threats – all from within an easy-to-use integrated platform.

Interactive learning management system that simplifies and automates network security training

How It Works

Cybersecurity Baseline Assessment
Baseline Assessment

Determine your cyber resiliency and assess the percentage of phish-prone employees in your organization. Through a complimentary mock phishing attack, we help you identify weaknesses to calculate the specific education and training needed to improve security behavior.

Phishing Simulation
Phishing Simulation

The bad guys don’t always have to fight to get in. Many times, your own employees open the door by clicking malicious links during social engineering or phishing attacks. Do you know where your possible vulnerabilities are? ThreatPrepare helps you determine your security preparedness through random, simulated phishing attacks that allow you to continually assess where your enterprise stands in cyber awareness.

Cybersecurity Training Modules
Training Modules

Train your users on how to avoid sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks with customized learning paths. Our web-based video training, interactive modules, quizzes, games and other content are easy for employees to understand and complete. The incorporated tracking system means you can easily track and certify your employees’ cybersecurity education progress.

Learning Management Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting

Reports for active phishing campaigns allow you to determine where your weak spots are and who might need more cybersecurity education and training. ThreatPrepare’s robust audit reporting makes it easy for management to see detailed overviews, monitor employee weaknesses, and track our system’s ROI.

Cybersecurity Education

Your team reviews interactive, informative three-minute videos that help them understand how to identify and respond to various threat scenarios.

Cybersecurity threat testing

After each session, team members are prompted to take short quizzes that ensure they are able to apply their security knowledge day-to-day.

Cybersecurity Monitoring 24/7

Management can easily track employee progress and live-monitor performance to ensure that the company is compliant in reducing threat exposure.

SIEM managment dashboard

Intelligent dashboards provide visibility into the efficacy of your training program, enabling management to view threat profiles and evaluate whether security preparedness is aligned with inherent risks.

Policies and Compliance

Use customizable templates to create threat scenarios tailored to your organization’s specific security policies and establish the documentation you need to protect your business.

Gamification of cyber training

People respond to incentives. Utilize interactive modules with defined rewards to keep your team engaged and focused on securing your organization.

Immediate cybersecurity education training
Phishing Attempts

Our randomized mock phishing attempts help keep your team on its toes. We produce detailed reports that let you know where your team stands on security readiness.

Get alerts to industry threats/breaches
Industry Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse of cybersecurity news. We’ll provide notice of threats currently impacting your industry to help you safeguard your business accordingly.

Central User Management
User Management

Customizable learning paths help your employees to get the specific training they need to make better security decisions. Easily manage users and create campaigns for their unique needs.

Avoid Ransomware

Avoid Ransomware Attacks

Avoid Malware


Employee/Team Member Features
  • Written content
  • Video content
  • White papers library
  • Access to new class content releases
  • Certificates of completion
Administrator Features
  • Establish customized learning paths
  • Employee tracking
  • Quarterly phishing campaigns
  • Live phishing monitoring
  • Dashboard overview
Company Benefits
  • Master Company Questionnaire
  • Executive Management Questionnaire
  • 3rd Party Vendor Questionnaire
  • Policies and procedures library
  • Policies and document sharing with employees
  • Cyber news
  • Detailed audit reporting
  • Support Hotline
  • Monthly Company Threat Plan Evaluation
  • Company Notifications
  • Satisfy Regulatory requirements
  • Board reporting capabilities
  • Reduce risk of threats
Pricing & Quote

$2.00 per month/per employee. Discounts available for large quantities

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